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Ghost Club

History of GHOST CLUB

Ghost club was a cooperative founded at Solent Junior School, Portsmouth in 1997. The club met regularly to enact the improvisational, speculative and performative process of Ghost Hunting.

Ghost Club was an experimental form of play. The GHOSTS were the immaterial vehicle for an improvised dramatic exchange on the non-sensical, whimsical and obscure. Leadership was taken by which ever member had seen a GHOST at any given meeting. The peripatetic group established a collective form of story-telling, mediated by the leader to create a narrative within a set (lunch)time. There is no documentation from GHOST CLUB. It was about sharing the immediacy of the encounter. You had to be there. It was about MAKING IT UP AS YOU GO ALONG.

Ghost club ran on a membership scheme where members joined for the nominal price of fifty pence a year, a fee which included a laminated identity card. Membership rarely exceeded six.

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