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Priorities; The Talk Show. 3rd -5th June, 2016. Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, NL.


Any one of us could have done this, but we chose to do it together. We met for coffee: so, what are our priorities? We floated these words: agency, queer politics, materiality, artistic sustainability, ethics, ecology, normativity, and the position of the artist today. Priorities: The Talk Show is an exhibition and symposium initiated and produced by artists in year one of the Master of Fine Art at the Piet Zwart Institute. We approach learning through conviviality and deep hanging out. Let’s have three days of fika! Comfortable seating doesn’t make lazy listeners. We want scholars to be present and the ignorant schoolmasters in the audience to interrupt. Questions?


We work well together. Let’s see if our works do the same. It will be a great exhibition! Featuring the artists Connie Butler, Angelica Falkeling, Tor Jonsson, Ash Kilmartin, Anni Puolakka, Nicholas Riis, Erika Roux, Eothen Stearn, Viktor Timofeev and Daniel Tuomey.


Based on the format of a live TV talk show, we are hosting workshops, talks, screenings, performances and meals across several spaces in the Piet Zwart Institute. We managed to come up with some shared territories. Even if we didn’t use a voting process, the outcome seems to be the same as if we did: a bit of compromise, and something for everyone. Joining us on the show with their own priorities are Florian Cramer, Egon Hanfstingl, Alex Martinis Roe, Sofia Stevi, Jan Verwoert, and Louwrien Wijers.

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