Imagine a space where many things can happen at once. Its not a fixed address, but still you go there everyday, open and lock up at the same times and keep a strict routine. You do your book-keeping, shop-keeping and manage the vast elaborate window displays, dioramas that change daily. No expense is spared on the quality of fittings and furniture, but still it doesn't feel exclusive. You feel you are in a thoughtfully and innovatively crafted space; 'a mosaic of quotations.'

This space is the size of a museum, and also of a single page.

It is invoked by using its name, under which its activities happen; it is necessarily is wherever these activities happen. These include: publishing the work of others, re-publishing the work of others, a network of collaborators and allies in reading, writing and making. The claiming of long-termism in times of precarity. An ongoing reciprocal collapsing of the page and the space. It is not the site of reading but it holds the act of reading central.

The space may be empty for months, a pile of post building up in front of its letterbox. At other times, it will present work in many locations at once. Shapeshifting between exhibitions and publications, walks, talks, readings, performance, events in public and private. A textual space of no fixed address.


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