June 6, 2017

I once started to write this letter to you. Why did I never send it? Reading is a good place to start. I would like to share libraries, within a library with you.

For me, public libraries are one of the few places in the public sphere where it’s still possible to sit for free without freezing. I re-call a scene in the visual artist Ane Hjort Guttus movie Time Passes, one of the main characters, Bianca are most of the time forced to sit outside in the cold, on the wet streets of Bergen. She collects money to survive the day. Maybe she sends some away, to a kid or two. She keeps herself warm in Bergen’s Public libraries.

It is still possible to sit for free, but the toilets cost money to enter. I spend a lot of time in libraries. Not because of the room temperature. But because it, as a public space is silent. During recent years, it starts to fade away as a space for deep concentration. It is also impossible to lend books without identification papers, address, te...

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